Fillerin Branding



Design a company that will exist in 50 years. 

Fillerin was developed as a total nutrition system. Unsatisfied with current food standards we created a group of products that will allow our users to maximize their time and ensure the meet all their daily needs. When developing Fillerin we wanted to build a brand that not only took into account future health goals, but also a cohesive brand strategy.

By using bright and friendly colors, sepperated for food groups and target age users, the products are easy to identify and select. The naming process can be seen in the ideation pages but the breakdown is a mix of Fill-Pill-Filler. By creating the logo out of the foods we include in our suite of products, our process is transparent and welcoming.

Logo Iterations
I took inspiration from early 90’s medicine and supplement products for both the naming and early iterations of the Fillerin logo. I felt however that it was too sterile of a direction and wanted the logo to feel more like the product it was made from. I ended up rendering different foods as the letterforms themselves to show what the brand truly about.

Logo Mark
By using playful shapes and renderings, Fillerin is able to make the idea of eating food in a pill both  approachable and fun for the consumer.

Products Offered
A full suite of nutritional products for he modern age. 

Fillerin Protein
25 grams of plant based protein
along with micronutrients.

Fillerin Veggies
Full serving of micronutrients, fiber, as well as electrolytes.

Fillerin Carbs
30 grams of starch coming from beans and healthy starches.

Digital Applications
A With apps for both your smart phone and smart watch, you can constantly monitor you nutrition levels for the day. Fillerin can be used to fill in your defieiciencies or as a staple in your diet.